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What Are Treasure Beads?

Treasure Beads are beautifully handmade waist beads that will change the way you view your body. They are strands of bead you wear around your waist as jewelry that are an essential tool for wholistic wellness and self love. The practice of wearing waist beads began in traditional African culture and the purposes for wearing them has evolved over time. In Guinean culture, they were used to honor milestones in girls/women's lives. They were also a non-scale way to manage weight. Today, their uses have grown to include mindfulness practices like meditation, affirmations, self love, and promoting body positivity & sisterhood.

Permanent? Removable? What's the difference?
Do I need my waist measurement to place an order?
Should I remove them while bathing?
How should I measure myself?
How do I tie my Treasure Beads?
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What is your return policy?
I'm not sure what strand to buy. Can you help?
Can I custom design my own strand?
Does Treasure Beads host private shopping events or parties?