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What are Treasure Beads?

Treasure Beads are beautifully handmade waist beads that will change the way you view your body. They are strands of bead you wear around your waist as jewelry that are an essential tool for wholistic wellness and self love. The practice of wearing waist beads began in traditional African culture and the purposes for wearing them has evolved over time. In Guinean culture, they were used to honor milestones in girls/women's lives. They were also a non-scale way to manage weight. Today, their uses have grown to include mindfulness practices like meditation, affirmations, self love, and promoting body positivity & sisterhood.

Permanent? Removable? What's the difference?

Treasure Beads offer styles made on removable (semi-stretch) cords and  permanent cords. All strands should be worn on the body as often as possible to help you stay mindful of your goals and intentions. For such commitments, we recommend wearing the permanent strands. However, we recognize there may be a need to remove them under special circumstances. Should you need to take them off for any reason (medical procedure, special occasion, etc.), we recommend purchasing the removable strands as you're able to do so by either pulling them over the head ( like a shirt) or pulling down over the hips and stepping out of them.

 Please note: All strands are hand tied; clasp closure is not available at this time.

Permanent strands ar a great way to commit to your goals and intentions. These strands are tied and cannot be removed until the strand is cut or the strand pops which generally signals that it is time to commit to a new goal or intention.

Do I need my waist measurement to place an order?

When you order Treasure Beads, there's no need to provide a specific waist measurement. We've got you covered! Each strand we send is carefully crafted to measure 55 inches in length, ensuring a comfortable and versatile fit for wearers of various sizes. Upon your strand's arrival, simply measure the strand to your waist size!

Should I remove them while bathing?

Treasure Beads do not need to be removed while bathing, sleeping, swimming, or exercising. Please note that some of the coated beads may fade if over exposed to water, perfumes, lotions and harsh soaps. Your Treasure Beads become un-noticeable over time. You'll find yourself washing them as you would your body!

How do I tie my waist bead strand?

Tying your strand is simple! It is recommended that you take a second to scan the QR code on your thank you card, or check out the tutorials tab in our main menu to ensure you are doing it correctly! Follow the step by step video instructions to tie your new strands securely!

For those that may not feel comfortable tying your new strands yourself, Treasure Bead does offer tying services! Please check out our "Book an Experience" tab to schedule an appointment to have your strands tied.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit/Debit, Shop Pay and Paypal are currently the only forms of payment accepted on our website!

 If you plan on meeting us at a live event, we also accept Zelle and CashApp!

What is your return policy?

Due to the intimate nature of waist beads, all sales are final. Under special circumstances, you may be eligible for a replacement strand. Please email us to see if you qualify!

I'm not sure what strand to buy! Can you help?

it is highly recommended that you take a moment to read through the descriptions for each strand that catches your eye and reflect on where you are in your wellness journey! We find that the strands you select often meet you where you are and keep you more accountable when you can connect with the meeting!

Still stuck? Please take our quiz to find which theme best fits you!

Can I custom design my own strand?

No, at this time we do not offer that service.

Can I book Treasure Beads for an event or party?

Yes! Treasure Beads is available for private events! From girls nights, to birthday parties, bridal showers, festivals, conferences and workshops, we are happy to share the magic of waist bead wearing at your special event!

Booking is available on our "Book An Experience" Tab! If you have any other questions, please contact us at for more details!