About Treasure Beads

Treasure Beads are waist beads inspired by traditional African culture. African Waist Beads were used to honor important milestones and ceremonies throughout a woman's life. From femininity, entrance into womanhood, marriage, fertility, pregnancy, empowerment & unity amongst friends, and weight management, these beautiful accessories continue to remind the modern woman that her body should be TREASURED!

Today they can be used to honor a special occasion or commitment in your life, or simply for fashion. Treasure Beads styles feature bold, vibrant colors & gems and are reasonably priced. Styles are inspired by everything! From nature and sweet treats, to famous princesses and beautiful countryscapes, there is bound to be a style for everybody and EVERY body!

Whether you're a blossoming little girl or a seasoned, sensual woman, you are sure to find something you love! Enhance the love you have for yourself by adorning your body with Treasure Beads!