Why Waist Beads?

Sooooo.... why wear waist beads? Because they're for EVERY body!

I honestly didn't know how great something so small would make me feel about my body. Like most women, I would spend a lot of time setting physical fitness goals because I wanted the "ideal body". Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being physically fit and healthy! But after my pregnancy with my son, I spent so much time obsessing over the changes I wanted to make in my appearance that I had almost forgotten the amazing feat it had just accomplished; my body transformed so that it could host and develop a human being! 

I believe we all come to that moment of realization where we understand how amazing our bodies are. Mine was childbirth, but yours may have been beating cancer, nursing your child, achieving a physical fitness goal, or putting in some hard work to learn to accept yourself in ways you never have before! 

My point is, we all have changes we go through and goals we would like to accomplish, but it's SO important that we remember that self love shouldn't start when we get to our destination; we must learn to love ourselves during the journey! Wearing waist beads helped me be more aware of how beautiful my body is.

In a society that spends so much time and money into projecting what the perfect body looks like, we need Treasure Beads! My hope is that every person that wears Treasure Beads feels an instant boost of confidence, and experiences the love and appreciation for the skin were in that we so desperately need today!

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