Did it happen to you or for you?

Did it happen to you or for you?

When life gets overwhelming as it sometimes does, and the misfortunes seems to hit back to back, we easily find our way to frustration, self doubt, disappointment and for some of us, anxiety and depression. These situation leave us regretting choices and hopeless. I’ve been here more times than I would like to admit! It’s like a downward spiral- a string of bad luck can definitely put me in this place!

My most recent bout like this had me so emotional. I was literally doubting everything about myself and my progress- how in the world could I question my growth? I was looking at these things happen and wondering why do these things always happen to me? Why my life? Why isn’t this easier to get through? Why doesn’t it seem like anyone else has this battle? Why is this my journey? Why me? Woe is me. 

I realized that though I may never know the answers to any of those questions, I still can change my perspective. I kept asking why these things were happening to me, when in reality, they were happening FOR me! When I reflect on some of the moments of hardship I’ve had in the past, they all led me to greater experiences and higher levels of growth and maturity! I literally HAD to go through them to get to where I am now. To heal. To evolve!

I quickly realized, these things weren’t happening TO me. I wasn’t just a bystander in my own life! I’m a fighter just learning to use my unique set of tools to fight these new battles and I have to be patient with myself! Truth is, the warning signs came and I missed them! These moments always led me to something greater but they were the catalyst each time I needed preparation for what was next! I feel like there’s always something that lets us know it’s time to level up and adversity ALWAYS shows up shortly after! Why would this process ever be easy? 

These things were happening FOR me. For me to get in position. For me to heal. For me to gain experience. For me to learn something. For me to shed dead weight. For me to challenge myself to better. For me to release and make room for something else. For me to avoid something that was trying to change the course of my life. For me to let people in or shut others out. For me to finally get what I deserve. When I began to think of it like that, I started to lean into the “happening” and started to look for understanding. How can something bad work out for my good? What is this trying to to teach me or show me?  Why am I fighting it? The clarity and understand is coming! We try to fast forward the movie that is our life and get to the part where it all makes sense. We want the behind the scenes footage where we learn how this helped that and how everything was connected but this information is so divine! There’s literally no way to understand any of this in the moment! We have to learn how to let it happen! 

I hope the next time you find yourself in this place, you began to ask yourself the same questions. I hope that you find peace in knowing the God has a better plan for you than you ever could have created for yourself. Nothing we experience is by coincidence! Maintain your faith in yourself and in the the process. Surely, new things will begin to happen FOR you! 

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