Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

It almost got me! 😧

I almost let fear and imposter syndrome take me off my path to purpose. I almost got overly obsessed with letting Social media influencers tell me that the stories I wanted to share with you about overcoming and persevering weren’t enough. I almost lost my identity trying to tell you who I am and why I do what I do- the irony. I almost closed the door on transparency and instead opted for filtered content because I ALMOST thought that I wasn’t enough!

ALMOST! We all go through these moments, especially as women and entrepreneurs, where a shift in our identity or our desire for improvement make us think that we have to change who we are to be more effective. It’s in these moments we have to remember our origins- why we started in the first place! At my last event of 2021, I entered the building with no table, no fancy business cards, nada! Nothing but the Treasure Beads, a jar to catch the excess strands, a pair of scissors and me. I returned to my grassroots for the night and it reminded me that Treasure Beads, all stripped down was enough. I was enough!

I realized it wasn’t the fancy upgrades that made us connect in the first place; it was the stories and experience. I fell in love with doing this because of the impact it had on all of you beautiful women. That’s what I’m most passionate about! Empowerment is my superpower and the strands are my tools to fight self doubt and low self esteem, and encourage body positivity, intention setting, sisterhood, and commitment to one’s self. I took this picture to remind myself and in turn, I want to remind you. WE ARE ENOUGH!

I don’t know what you have planned to do this year, but I want to encourage you to be authentically you! What ever new practices you implement, make sure they ring true to your origins, your identity! Don’t allow fear to move you off your path or keep you from progress! And keep it simple! Our purpose isn’t overcomplicated and shouldn’t feel confusing or overwhelming for that’s a sure sign that we’ve dressed it up too much! Staying true to who you are doesn’t mean the journey won’t be hard work or challenging at times. It should feel like you’re being pushed past your limits! But trust that you have all you need within you to become who you are destined to be! Allow external influence to inspire you- not dictate your path because you have to stay true to YOU! 

When you feel yourself slipping, find your way back. Get back to the basics. 💛

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