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The Sahara is one of the African continent's most well known deserts. You would think that a desert is a dry strip of land but there are actually things that thrive there. There are even several lakes in this desert! That shows us that some dry spots are still capable of producing life sustaining needs.

this strand is a reminder that not every dry spot is a desert. You can produce and make progress even when you feel you're in a dry season. Not feeling inspired? Not motivated? Unfocused? or gong through a big change? This strand is for you! Keep moving until you find "water"- your motivation, inspiration or groove! you can't stay in this place, you have it in you to keep going!

Treasure Beads can be worn under clothing and while exercising, sleeping, showering, and swimming! This style is designed on a permanent cord and will not be able to be removed after tying unless the strand is cut. 

Please note: Treasure Beads that feature coated beads may fade or lose brilliance if excessively exposed to water over time. 

Materials: Glass Beads & Gems, Semi-Stretch Cord, Embellished Spacers