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The word “organic” has become associated with the high quality and all natural products and foods preferred by people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. There’s something about labeling a thing organic that increases its value and quality in our minds and in my opinion, sometimes this makes it both desirable and out of reach for so many. I think we should value ourselves the same way! You can become your “organic” self when you become disciplined about what you entertain! Negative thoughts, habits and people have a way of destroying you bit by bit so it’s important that you handle yourself with a high level of care and delicacy. This Treasure Beads strand should remind the person wearing it to focus on being their best self! No additives, preserves, or unnecessary drama on your journey to a life of physical and mental wellness! Be true to who you are and watch easily you flourish! 

Treasure Beads can be worn under clothing and while exercising, sleeping, showering, and swimming! Each strand is made using a semi-stretch cord that makes them removable if needed!

Please note: Treasure Beads that feature coated beads may fade or lose brilliance if excessively exposed to water over time. 

Materials: Glass Beads & Gems, Semi-Stretch Cord, Embellished Spacers