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Africa's jungles and wild life are two of its treasures. Its a jungle out there, literally, and the animals must rely on instinct to stay alive!

The "Instinct" strand will help you remember to trust your gut! You may have choices that need to be made, but if you aren't trusting your own instinct, there may be some room for improvement! you know what's best for you! You know what you need! Let this strand remind you to get more in tune with yourself and be more self aware so you can grow as person. Your instincts are your body's natural gps! Learn to use it and it won't steer you wrong! This style features green to symbolize growth and a nautilus shaped bead that is a reminder of our evolution. Grow beyond your limits and shed your shell. You weren't meant to stay in that place for long!

Treasure Beads can be worn under clothing and while exercising, sleeping, showering, and swimming! This style is designed on a permanent cord and will not be able to be removed after tying unless the strand is cut. 

Please note: Treasure Beads that feature coated beads may fade or lose brilliance if excessively exposed to water over time. 

Materials: Glass Beads & Gems, Semi-Stretch Cord, Embellished Spacers