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The duality of the Leopard’s spots is insane! How can the same thing that was designed to help it blend in also make it unique?! A leopard’s fur helps it camouflage into its surroundings to evade predators and stalk prey. But it also makes it stand out as one of the most beautiful patterns in nature we’ve seen! The person wearing this waist bead strand should know that the same applies to you! BE YOURSELF! You can try to fit it but you were born to stand out! Love the skin you’re in! There’s someone out there dying to wear your SPOTS! Be fierce!

Treasure Beads can be worn under clothing and while exercising, sleeping, showering, and swimming! Each strand is made using a semi-stretch cord that makes them removable if needed!

Please note: Treasure Beads that feature coated beads may fade or lose brilliance if excessively exposed to water over time. 

Materials: Glass Beads & Gems, Semi-Stretch Cord, Embellished Spacers