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This strand, “Anchored” is a reminder to the person wearing it that storms will come, but you’re able to withstand it! Remember to slow down and lower your anchor-whatever it is that makes you feel hopeful- and trust that you were built strong enough to weather the storm! Your strength will keep you afloat no matter what obstacle you face! School, life, work, and family all present their own challenges. The waters may get rocky but you’re going to be ok! 

Treasure Beads can be worn under clothing and while exercising, sleeping, showering, and swimming! This style is designed on a permanent cord and will not be able to be removed after tying unless the strand is cut. 

Please note: Treasure Beads that feature coated beads may fade or lose brilliance if excessively exposed to water over time. 

Materials: Glass Beads & Gems, Semi-Stretch Cord, Embellished Spacers