What are Treasure Beads?

Treasure Beads are beautifully handmade waist beads that will change the way you view your body. Whether you're undergoing a bodily transformation like weight loss/gain, body sculpting, pregnancy or just want to honor a commitment to self love and positive body image, you need this! We currently feature styles inspired by everything! They are sure to look great on everybody and EVERY body!

Are they removable?

Yes. Treasure Beads is currently selling styles made with semi-stretch cord that allow them to be pulled on and off by either pulling them over the head or pulling down over the hips and stepping out of them. We now also offer permanent and clasp options as well! Please note: clasp is not recommended if using Treasure Beads for fitness as it makes it hard to retie them as you get closer to your fitness goals. Hand tied beads are recommended for this use.

Should I remove them while bathing?

Treasure Beads do not need to be removed while bathing, sleeping, swimming, or exercising. Please note that some of the coated beads may fade if over exposed to water, perfumes, lotions and harsh soaps. Your Treasure Beads become un-noticeable over time. You'll find yourself washing them as you would your body!

Do I need my waist measurement to place an order?

Yes! If you would like your waist beads pre-measured and ready to wear upon arrival, you will need to provide your waist measurement in inches! It is HIGHLY recommended that you know and obtain your waist measurement! This information is not only valuable when ordering Treasure Beads, but tracking fitness and wellness goals as well! 

Please see the Stranded Survival Kit for measuring tape and other items to assist with this process! Tutorials are available as well!

How should I measure myself?

Using  a string or measuring tape, hold one end at the navel and gently wrap the tape/string around your waist, ensuring that it is taut (not too loose, not too tight). It should touch your body where you would like the waist beads to rest. Measure the string and record the measurement. Choose the corresponding choice on the selected items' screen!

How do I tie my Treasure Beads?

Simply measure the strand where you would like the beads to rest, remove excess beads, and tie both ends in a knot at least 7 times! Before cutting the excess cord, please pull on both ends of the knot to make sure the cord is not slipping. Once it looks secure, cut the excess cord! Now, they are ready to be worn!

What forms of payment are accepted? 

Credit/Debit, Paypal and CashApp are currently the forms of payment at this time! If using CashApp to pay, please send payment within one hour of placing your order or your order will be cancelled.

Can I customize my Treasure Beads?

No. Treasure Beads currently does not offer customizable strands. Please be on the look out for these and other new options in the near future!