Treasure Beads


Not all treasure is silver and gold...

I present to you all, the official “Treasure” strand! It’s taken me a while to unwrap the full identity of this brand, but I realize it was because I had to unwrap my own identity to unlock my potential! Over the last couple of years in business, I’ve learned that we’re all on our own personal journeys to find our treasure. Our treasures are the things we hold dear to us; the things we place value in. Some base their treasures on what material things they’ve collected, but the richest among us base their treasure on things that cannot be seen.

I named my business Treasure Beads as a tribute to one of my treasures, my son Bentley. As a toddler, I gifted him a pirate hat that quickly became one of his most prized possessions. He’d literally never take it off. He would wear it to daycare, church, the grocery store, you name it! I always found it fascinating that at one year old, my son knew what he liked; this hat became part of his identity!

This period in his life intersected mine at a time where I had no clue who was! I was still learning to embrace being a new mom, wife, student, business owner and a host of other new aspects of my identity. I can recall looking at Bentley often in admiration because he had a confidence about himself that I wished I had too! I felt in my gut that this business would be instrumental in helping me rediscover myself. Wearing my first strands of waist beads had already done so much to boost my confidence. When I decided to move forward with turning my hobby into a business, I wanted to name it after something that would help me remember the reason why I started! In the same way that I loved my son, the same way that pirates love treasure, I wanted women all over the world to remember to love themselves! I can truly say that each woman I encounter that gives me the honor of tying their beads has helped moved me closer to fulfilling my purpose in life!

This strand is a reminder to value yourself, be patient with yourself, and most of all, treasure yourself! New journeys take time! Just remember to love yourself along the way! 💛

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